HUAWEI nova Y90 proves that entry-level smartphones can be amazing

HUAWEI nova Y90 proves that entry-level smartphones can be amazing

It is 2022, and people have high expectations for their smartphones. People no longer just use their phones to make calls, send messages, and access the internet or social media. Many, especially young users, expect their phones to do much more than that. A large portion of them also uses phones as the go-to camera in their everyday life. Most importantly, they need a large and brilliant display. But even that is not the end of it. The phone should have a big enough battery that can be charged quickly without wasting time. That might seem like a lot to ask for in entry-level smartphones, right? Well, Huawei has surprised everyone with the launch of the latest Powerful Star with Massive Display, the HUAWEI nova Y90.

FullView Display for a borderless view

Phone screens are getting bigger and bigger for a reason. With a bigger screen, you can watch videos, play games, and text with fewer typos. The new HUAWEI nova Y90 comes with a stunning and expansive 6.7-inch HUAWEI Edgeless FullView Display that lets you view everything bigger and better. The design of the screen itself is chic and classic: flat sides, smaller notch and the ultra-narrow bezels that measure only 1.05mm. Together with a high screen-to-body ratio of 94%, the device gives you a richer, and more immersive visual experience. Additionally, the phone brings a smooth experience to users with its 90 Hz display refresh rate and 270 Hz touch sampling rate. Whether it is browsing web pages or playing mobile games, the device offers a fast and smooth experience. 

40W HUAWEI SuperCharge

Another amazing feature of the HUAWEI nova Y90 is the 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge. You can charge the phone up by 50% in just 30 minutes. Plugging in the smartphone for just around 10 minutes allows you to enjoy up to 6.7 hours of talking on the phone, 3 hours of watching videos online and even 19.9 hours of listening to music.

Power up with long-lasting battery life

You can enjoy an unrivalled long-lasting battery life with a large 5000mAh battery. In other words, just kick back, relax, and enjoy your latest gaming session, knowing that your phone will not die on you. So, whether you’re gearing up for a day of travelling, watching dramas in the comfort of your own home, or simply playing games, there is no need to worry about the possibility of your entertainment being brutally cut short.

Plenty of storage

Thanks to the 128GB large storage of HUAWEI nova Y90, storing even large files on your smartphone is a cakewalk. You can easily store up to 170 episodes of a drama series, 12,000 high-quality songs and over 60 HD movies on HUAWEI nova Y90. With a larger internal storage capacity, clearing phone caches will no longer be an issue for you. Instead of having to delete your old files to make space for new ones, you can keep all your precious memories on your phone.

Innovative shooting with 50MP AI Triple Camera

HUAWEI nova Y90 sports a 50MP AI Triple Camera system. With the help of the High-Res Mode, images taken with the 50MP camera that have been cropped or zoomed in will retain their clear and natural picture quality. From the rich, jewel-like tones of flower petals to the morning dewdrops on the leaves, the HUAWEI nova Y90 will make sure that your experiences of the world and its beauty are preserved in their entirety. Additionally, the 2MP Depth Camera and 2MP Macro Camera will help you capture the world from some unique perspective and augment your creativity.

For those that are fond of videos, there is the Front and Rear Dual Video. Building upon social media trends, HUAWEI nova Y90’s Front and Rear Dual-view Video offers users a two-way image display. Ideal for live streaming events or producing vlog content. This Front and Rear Dual-view Video is further furnished with a Continuous Front/Rear Recording, offering a seamless switch between the front and rear cameras.


The trusted, innovative, user-friendly and secure AppGallery is available on the HUAWEI nova Y90, where users can easily navigate, explore, find and download a wide range of high-quality apps.

The long and short of this is that HUAWEI nova Y90 offers a well-designed smartphone that also comes with great features and functions. From the stunning visual treat of the 6.7-inch HUAWEI Edgeless FullView Display to the convenience of the 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge and the ultra-long battery life, the HUAWEI nova Y90 has it all.

HUAWEI nova Y90 - comes in Emerald Green, Pearl White, Midnight Black, and Crystal Blue and is now available for pre-orders in Bahrain at a starting price of 87.9 BHD on Huawei’s official website and at City Center Bahrain.