Cricket Mania Sweeps Bahrain as World Cup Trophy Lights Up the Kingdom.

Cricket Mania Sweeps Bahrain as World Cup Trophy Lights Up the Kingdom.

Bahrain is eagerly preparing to welcome the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup trophy as part of its global tour. The Bahrain Cricket Federation (BCF) has arranged a series of grand events to allow fans in the kingdom to get up close and personal with the coveted trophy.

The trophy, which is currently traveling around the world and has already visited 18 countries on five continents, will be on display in Bahrain on August 12 and 13. The tour, which started in India, the host country for the World Cup in October, has generated excitement among cricket fans worldwide.

To kick off the Bahrain leg of the tour, a massive roadshow is planned for August 12. The trophy will start its journey from Juffair and pass through iconic locations like Bab Al Bahrain and Bahrain Bay before reaching the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC). In the evening, the trophy will complete a lap around the BIC, giving cricket fans the opportunity to take pictures with it against the backdrop of the iconic Sakhir Tower.

On the morning of August 13, the trophy will be photographed at several of Bahrain's historic monuments and landmarks, including the Tree of Life, the Bahrain Fort, and the World Trade Centre in Bahrain Bay. Later in the day, the trophy will be displayed at Dana Mall, where various activities will be organized to add to the excitement.

BCF advisory board chairman Mohammed Mansoor expressed his gratitude to KHK Sports CEO Mohammed Shahid and BCF advisory board member Yusuf Lori for their support. Mansoor also thanked Shaikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the first deputy chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sport and the chairman of the General Sports Authority, for his vision and encouragement.

Mohammed Shahid, who is also the Brave CF CEO, expressed his excitement about the trophy coming to Bahrain. He praised Shaikh Khalid for his unwavering support and vision, and commended Mansoor for organizing the entire event. Shahid highlighted Bahrain's role as a leader in sports in the region and emphasized that cricket now has the opportunity to achieve something special in the kingdom.

Yusuf Lori, the Capital Governorate director of information, expressed his initial lack of knowledge about cricket but shared how he has become a big fan of the sport. He emphasized the international significance of having the trophy in Bahrain, believing it will help promote the kingdom and inspire future generations.

The arrival of the ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup trophy in Bahrain is a landmark event that will not only excite cricket fans but also promote the kingdom on the international stage. Bahrain's commitment to sports and the infrastructure it has developed for various sports has established it as a sporting hub in the region. Hosting such global events further solidifies Bahrain's position and sets the stage for achieving even greater things in the coming years.