Celebrate art, music & food at Quoz Art Fest Dubai this January

Quoz Arts Fest is going to be open for all where food trucks, live music and different activities for kids will be available.

Celebrate art, music & food at Quoz Art Fest Dubai this January

The 10th edition of Quoz Art Festival is back this January on 28th and 29th. It consists of more than 200 activations, and have more than 50 creative concepts from across Al Quoz. This edition is going to be more fun as it will have live music, art, contemporary dance, performing arts, food trucks, public art installations, wellness, and appreciation of the previous editions of Quoz.

Three fantasy worlds including ‘Nature’,‘Cyborg’ and ‘Childhood’, where visitors can unleash their inner child, play, and believe in magic again. These three woelds will brought in with help of multiple activities. Musicians and performers, Saint Levant and Bu Kulthoum will set the  event on fire.

DJ Patchoulee will be playing her trademark imaginative sets with a mix of cool pop, soul, funk, disco and more. Lama, Stefan Alm, Jiire Smith, Ramzinho, Kinda, Seaside Feels, and A^2—are also performing an act.

UAE's famous eating brands 21grams, Ugly Noodles, Karak Inc, Maison Duffour, Maiz Tacos will also be available.